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Equity Analysis: Is the Storm Over at Mattel?

Four days after Mattel CEO is ousted, the CFO and new Interim CEO had an investor call to outline the financial performance.  As a follow-up to the equity analysis from the previous articles, there is evidence that the storm could be over for Mattel and 2015 will face tailwinds and much easier comps as the company looks to recover from a disaster in 2014.  For a summary of the earnings call discussion and 2014 year end performance, click here.

Lofty Dividends with MEGA Brands in Mattel’s Hands

Given the stock market’s increased interest in Mattel, Inc. and the fact that it has now reached my price target range from 12/25, I decided to play devil’s advocate (as anyone should when evaluating stocks to invest in) and take a closer look at MEGA Brands’ historic performance and Barbie’s decline in popularity.

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To see the follow up article click here.